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Thursday, December 31, 2015

23 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 10: Wineglass Bay

After checking out of Best Western Beachfront at Bicheno, we returned to the Blowhole to have another look before driving to Wineglass Bay at Freycinet National Park.  It was about 50 mins drive away. Freycinet National Park is loaded with natural assets, including the pink granite peaks of the Hazards Range that dominate the Peninsula and the iconic Wineglass Bay.  As it was very sunny, we put on our sunscreen before trekking up to the lookout.
The journey to the lookout was quite tiring as there seemed to be endless steps up.
As such, we took many short breaks along the way.
About 30 mins into our climb, we saw a lookout point and were so excited as we thought we were about to reach.
However that's Coles Bay lookout point.  Wineglass Bay lookout was further up!
There were many huge boulders along the track and the one below even provided a wonderful shelter for Jerlene and Javier.
We took another break at this saddle seat, which was designed and constructed by School of Architecture students.
We finally reached the Wineglass Bay Lookout after about an hour's climb.  Though tiring, it was very satisfying and we all had a sense of achievement.  Let's have a wefie!
Wineglass Bay is one of Tasmania's most photographed views.
The beach is perfectly curved and with the pristine waters, the view was spectacular.  For those who do not feel like taking the one hour climb, they can opt for the cruise tour.
The way down was much easier.
We met with a wild wallaby on our way down.  Isn't it adorable?
Wow, supergirl in action!
And what about this little ironman?
We did not walk down to Wineglass Bay beach because that will mean an additional one hour walk.  On our drive out of Coles Bay, we came by another nice Richardsons beach.
Our next destination was St Helens.  However since it's already lunch time, we decided to have our lunch at Bicheno.  Javier had again asked for sausages.  So we walked into the below Italian cafe and asked if they served sausages.  Initially the waiter said they only serve them during breakfast.  After seeing Javier's disappointed face, he went into the kitchen and put in a special order for Javier.  How nice of him.
Below were our lunch.

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