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Thursday, December 31, 2015

23 Dc 2015 - Tasmania Day 10: Binalong Bay of Fires

From Bicheno, we drove northwards to the town of St Helens where our next accommodation was.  After checking in, we decided to drive further north to Binalong Bay, situated at the southern end of Bay of Fires.
The Bay of Fires is a region of white beaches, blue water and orange-hued granite (the color of which is actually produced by a lichen)
Many seabirds are often seen in this area.  On the rock nearby, there was a colony of Pacific gulls.
We loved the white sandy beach and calm turquoise-coloured sea water.
Jerlene and Javier were having so much fun on the beach while we just sat around and enjoyed the cool breeze.  It felt so relaxed in this wonderful place.
While playing sands, Jerlene found something slimy on the beach.  When I walked over to see, I quickly warned them not to touch it because it's a jellyfish!  We then try to use a stick to push it back into the water.
We spent more than an hour here and before leaving, we took the below family photo.  :-)

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