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Thursday, December 31, 2015

22 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 9: Adorable Penguins at Bicheno

We were unable to book on a penguin tour because we arrived late at Bicheno.  As we'll be here only for one night, we decided to try out our luck by going out to a nearby beach to look for it on our own.  After some research done on the internet, we set off from our accommodation at about 11:20pm.  Our destination was the beach near Sealife Centre.  Initially we were not very hopeful.  However once we drove out onto the main road, we immediately saw two penguins crossing the road right in front of us.  After seeing that, we felt very motivated to look out for more.

Sealife Centre is just a 1 min drive away.  The moment we stepped out of our car, we began hearing sound coming from the bushes around.  We followed the walking track towards the beach and voila!  Several penguins appeared right in front of us.  We tried our best not to shine our dim torchlight directly at them as we did not have a red cellophane paper to cover the light.  We also refrained from using flash on our camera when taking photos.  At the same time, I had to keep reminding Jerlene and Javier to lower down their volume.  These little fairy penguins were simply adorable.
It was an amazing experience to have such a close encounter with wild penguins.  It's really worth sacrificing some of our sleep time to see these little fairies.

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