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Thursday, December 31, 2015

20 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 7: Mount Nelson

Once the rain stopped, we drove to one of the oldest and more prestigious suburbs in Hobart, Mount Nelson. It is famously known for its "bends", which consist of seven very sharp corners created as the road winds its way up the mountain.
The view at the summit of Mount Nelson was quite spectacular.
The following photo is Mount Nelson Signal Station.
There are walking tracks at Mount Nelson.  When we saw the below sign, we decided to follow the track towards Truganini memorial.  Somehow we ended up at a private property.  We quickly turned back and returned to our car.
By then it was about dinner time.  We drove back to our accommodation and walked to a nearby Italian restaurant, Paesano.
The pizza and pasta were delicious!
After dinner, we took a slow walk back to the motel.  As this is the last day where we will be in Hobart, we wanted to enjoy the atmosphere and surrounding to the most.

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