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Thursday, December 31, 2015

18 Dec 2015 - Tasmania Day 5: Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Before we drove into Hobart, we decided to visit Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to "revitalize" Jerlene and Javier after the long drive.  Bonorong is a sanctuary for Tasmanian wildlife. As soon as we walk through the old wooden gate we realised that we have come to a place where animals are deeply cared for and we become part of an inspiring conservation story.  Each admission ticket includes a pack of feed for the kangaroos.

Before feeding the kangaroos, we went around the park to view these beautiful animals, whereby some are unique to Tasmania.
These Tasmanian Devils can only be found in Tasmania.
We then came to a big patch of grassland where kangaroos roam freely.  This was the moment where Jerlene and Javier had been waiting for....... They had been talking about kangaroo feeding to almost everyone around us before our trip
We all had so much fun feeding the kangaroos and there was one comical moment which I've captured in the following video...... I cannot stop laughing every time I watch it.  Haha........
At 2pm, there was a guided tour around the sanctuary where a park guide will introduce to us animals such as wombat, tasmania devils and koala.  We had a chance to pet them as well.
Before the tour ended, everyone was given sometimes to take pictures (FOC) with the Koala.
Once we had taken our photos with the Koala, Jerlene and Javier requested to go back to kangaroo feeding.  We spent about another hour there before leaving for Hobart.  It's always fun to come to a wildlife park in Australia.

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