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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

20 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 7: Ching Tung (箐桐), LED Sky Lantern

The main reason 潘先生 brought us to Ching Tung (箐桐) was to watch the LED Sky Lantern Show (电子天灯秀).  He dropped us right in front of the big LED screen, which is of the shape of a sky lantern while he drove away to find a place to park his car.  This is actually not just a show.  Tourists like us can actually purchase a ticket to write our wishes on a piece of paper.  And whatever we have drawn on the paper will be projected as it is on the LED screen after the show.
The 5-6 minutes LED show started with an introduction of Pingxi Sky Lantern and how it comes about.
And immediately after the show, wishes written down by tourists began to appear on the LED screen, simulating a rising sky lantern.  It is interesting to see such high tech stuff in a pretty old town.
After the show, we took a walk along the railway track and through the old street.  Once again, 潘先生 bought some 茶叶蛋 while we waited for him to drive his car over.
It's time to head back to Taipei now,

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