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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 5: Equestrians Show (马术表演)

After having much fun feeding the sheep, it's time for the equestrians show (马术表演).  Some of the performers are from Mongolia.
The coordination among the four horses was impressive.
This is the stage master showing his whipping skill.
If you think firing an arrow on the horseback is cool........
....what about firing an arrow while standing on the horseback?
The following are some other stunts performed on the horseback.
This is cool.....skipping on the horseback while the horse is galloping.
The finale of an impressive performance.
After the show, I brought Jerlene and Javier down to the stage to feed the horses with carrots.
The following horse is one of the largest in Taiwan currently.  While Javier tried to feed it, his entire hand was almost inside the big horse mouth.  In fact he actually got bitten slightly and got the horse saliva all over.  He had a shock after that and told me horse feeding is not fun, sheep feeding is much much better.

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