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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 5: Horse Riding (骑马) and Sheep Feeding (喂羊)

From the equestrian show stage, we decided to walked back to the sheep shearing stage to ride the horse.  On our way, we passed by a honey shop and a goat milk merchandise shop.
Further down the road is a market selling different kind of fresh fruits.  The stall owner will cut the fruits on the spot.  Also, they provide chairs for us to sit down, relax and enjoy the juicy fresh fruits.
My favourite food in Taiwan so far is the Black Wild Boar Sausage (黑山猪肉香肠).  It's really good!
This is the first time Jerlene and Javier had experienced horse riding.  Initially I thought of letting them just try out the pony ride but they insisted to ride on a bigger horse.  So there they were.......  It's just a short ride around the area and at the end of the ride, Javier kept asking:"Why so fast? And it's so slow........"  He actually thought the horse will gallop just like what we saw earlier at the equestrians show.  Haha.......silly boy.....
Since the kids were having so much fun feeding the sheep earlier, we decided to spend a bit more time here and let them enjoy.
I didn't know Javier can communicate with a sheep.  See how he disturbed the sheep below.......hehe.......
Of course I am just kidding for the above.  If you think Javier is being naughty above, see what he did below, which is real!!!!  OMG.....haha.....
It's time to say goodbye to Green Green Grasslands and we all had a wonderful day here.

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