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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 5: Little Swiss Garden (小瑞士)

The moment we entered Little Swiss Garden, the first thing we looked for was the toilet......haha......
Following are some photos of the garden.
There is a lake in the middle of the garden and at every half past the hour, there will be Musical Fountain Show at the lake.
Flowers in the garden.
We stayed in the garden till about 4:30pm and started walking back to Star Villa, hopefully in time to catch the beautiful sunset.  We got a stamp on our hand so that we could come back later to see the lights up.
We took the Cherry Blossoms Trail back this time instead of walking by the road.
However to our disappointment, the surrounding is too foggy and below was all we could see......sigh.......
When the sky turned dark, I proposed to walk back to Little Swiss Gardens but both Jerlene and Javier preferred to stay in the room.  They actually suggested daddy and mommy to go there ourselves.  They promised they will be good and told us not to worry.

So Tracy and me walked back to Carton King and Little Swiss Gardens.  Everything had been lighted up.
It was nice and very different from what we saw during the day.
We managed to catch the last Musical Fountain Show of the day though we could not see clearly because the surrounding was so foggy.  Anyway, it was great for us to spend sometimes together without the kids.
When we returned to our room, we were relieved to see Jerlene and Javier still enjoying themselves on their bed.  For the past 2 hours, they had been watching their favourite TV cartoon show, feasting on the tit bits that we bought earlier and playing UNO cards.  :-)

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