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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 5: Green Green Grassland (青青草原)

Green Green Grasslands (青青草原) is the most popular tourist spot at CingJing Farm (清境农场).  Sheep roam freely in this wide grassy plain.  They are very tame and allow visitor to touch them.
Here's a recreation area map of CingJing Farm.
Jerlene and Javier were so excited to come so close to a sheep.
There is a mini shop within the farm and we decided to try out the Red Bean Goat Milk Ice Cream.
It's really "shiok" to eat ice cream in such a cold weather.  :-)
The sheep shearing show at the central stage only takes place during weekends.  As such there is no show today.  However, we were having more fun feeding the sheep at the stage area.
As can be seen from the following photos, Jerlene and Javier were having such a wonderful time feeding the sheep.  Some of the sheep seems hungry and it may bite away the entire box of sheep feed from your hand if you are not careful.
Though there is no sheep shearing show today, there will be equestrian show (马术表演) which takes place twice daily.  It at the other end of the farm and along the way, the scenery is fantastic.

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