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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

17 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 4: Wenwu Temple (文武庙)

Before leaving Sun Moon Lake, we decided to have a quick visit to a nearby temple called 文武庙, as suggested by 曾先生.
Here is a short write up on Wenwu Temple and its surrounding, if you are interested.
There are two majestic red lions guarding the front of the temple.
Initially I thought it's just a normal temple which we should be able to see everything within 10 minutes.  However, once we entered the place, we realized this place is huge!  There are several halls worshiping different idols such as Confucius (孔子), Guan Gong (关公) and Yue Fei (岳飞).
There are many steps to climb before we reach the top of the temple.  As you walked around the temple, make sure you look at all the carvings around.  They were beautifully carved up to the smallest details.  Superb carving skill!

By the time we reached the top, we needed a rest.  The air here was amazingly fresh and cool.
This is the highest point of the temple.
  Once we regained our energy, it's time to head back down.
 Instead of the expected 10 mins, we spent slightly more than half an hour at this temple.  This is probably the largest temple that we had visited in all out trip so far.  We met up with 曾先生 at the temple's entrance and off we go to our next destination, 清境, which is up in the mountain.

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