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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

17 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 4: Taking HSR (高铁) to Taichung (台中)

Good morning Taipei.  Today is our fourth day in Taipei and we will be checking out of Diary of Taipei Hotel in Ximending.
One thing I forgot to mention about Diary of Taipei Hotel in my earlier post is that instead of providing breakfast to their guests, they actually give out KFC breakfast vouchers.  The KFC restaurant is just across the road from the hotel.  Somehow the KFC breakfast tastes better there in Taipei.
After checking out, we took MRT from Ximen station to Taipei Main station (台北车站).  From the MRT station, we walked towards the High Speed Rail (HSR) station to collect our tickets to Taichung (台中).  We had booked the ticket online before this trip as there is quite a substantial discount for advance bookings.  Javier, who is below 6 years old, does not need a ticket provided he does not take up a seat.  FYI, other than collecting the tickets from HSR counters, you can also collect them at any 7-eleven outlet with a TWD10 admin fee.
This is Jerlene and Javier's first time taking a high speed (bullet) train.  All HSR trains arrive and leave the station very punctually.  As such, we reached the station half an hour before our scheduled departure time.
The interior of the train is very clean and spacious.  The seats are comfortable even when 4 of us sitting on 3 seats.  There is a lot of leg room and more than enough to place our luggage in front of us,  So Taichung (台中), here we come!

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