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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

17 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 4: Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

Once we reached Taichung HSR station, I immediately called our pre-arranged cab driver, 曾先生.  Btw, it was 潘先生 at Taipei who helped us arranged for 曾先生's service.  Actually my original plan was to head directly to our accommodation at Cingjing (清境).  However as it's still early, 曾先生 suggested to us that perhaps we could take an afternoon tour around Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) before going to Cingjing for dinner, which we agreed.  It's quite a long drive and took more than an hour before we reached Shuishe Pier (水社码头) at Sun Moon Lake.  曾先生 helped us checked for the ferry tickets and briefly told us what to see and eat around here.  He said once we finished touring the place at our own pace, he will come pick us up.
Javier had been sleeping throughout the long drive and was not in a good mood, as you can see in the photo below.
The ferry tickets that we bought will bring us to two other piers before returning to Shuishe pier.
This is the ferry (日月之星) that we will be taking to the first pier, Xuanguang Temple Pier (玄光寺码头).  This ferry is one of the largest in this lake.
As the weather is rather foggy, we could not see much while on the ferry.
Within 15-20mins of ferry ride, we reached 玄光寺码头.  The moment we stepped out of the ferry, we smelled something that we all like.....茶叶蛋!!!!  Yes, this is Taiwan's most famous 阿婆茶叶蛋.  It's a MUST TRY.
We were told that they can sell thousands of eggs per day on average and during festive season such as Chinese New Year, their sale goes beyond 10,000 eggs in a day.
Jerlene and Javier simply love the eggs and we went for a second round.
After feeling satisfied with the 茶叶蛋, we climbed up the steps to go to Xuangguang Temple (玄光寺).
Xuanguang Temple (玄光寺) was built in 1955 to honor the Buddhist Monk, Xuan Zang (玄奘).  If you ever read the famous chinese novel "Journey to the West" (西游记), you will know who he is.
We stayed at this place for about 20mins before heading back to the pier.  But before leaving, we bought some more 茶叶蛋 for consumption later.
From Xuanguang Pier, we took the ferry to Ita Shao Pier (伊达邵码头).
Once again, this place has many food stalls selling delicious traditional taiwanese street food.  There are also stalls that sell Yunnan food.
Don't they look tasty?!?!  Yummy yummy........
The different flavours of Mochi also taste fantastic.
We returned to Shuishe pier at around 4pm.  As we do not have time to visit the nearby Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村) today, I'm sure we will be back.  Hopefully the next time we come, it will be fine weather with clear blue sky.
I called 曾先生 and within 2 minutes, he arrived and picked us up.

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