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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

17 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 4: Exploring Cingjing (清境)

After we settled our luggage in the room, we took a 15 mins walk down the road to an area where there are many food outlets and shops.
There are quite a number of more popular accommodation around this area.  One of them is 国民宾馆.  I believe Misty Villa, which is quite popular among Singaporean, is also around here.
Tonight is the coldest night that both Jerlene and Javier had ever experienced.  It's between 0-1 Degree Celsius.
After walking around and looking at menus from various food outlets, we decided to settle our dinner at Patite Restaurant.
We ordered a Steamboat set, a plate of spaghetti, a bowl of baked rice and some finger food.  It's nice to have warm food in such a cold weather.  If our spending in this restaurant exceeds certain amount, we will be given free admission tickets to Little Swiss Garden, which we planned to go the next day.  And our orders below entitled us to two free tickets.
As Christmas is in a week's time, everywhere is nicely decorated.
We finished our dinner at about 8:30pm and it's about time to return to Star Villa to catch the star gazing session at 9pm.  From the main road, we had to turn into a small dark road in order to reach Star Villa.  It looks a bit scary from the photo below but it's actually not that bad when you are in a group.  There are "Star" signs along the way that will lead us back to the Villa.
On the left side of the photo below is actually a cliff so we always try to keep to the right.  Of course when we are walking out from the villa, we will then keep to the left.

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